Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Concrete Barrier Grabs

The phrase “there’s more than one way to crack an egg” applies relatively well in the rigging world. With every lift, there are multiple methods that can be utilized to complete the move. Determining the best tool for the job can come down to analyzing the available space, lifting points (or lack thereof), composition of the load and any host of other factors. Such is the case with the concrete barriers used in road construction.

Typically, concrete barriers are lifted using chains or synthetic straps but employing those methods, while effective, can cause damage to the barrier. With concrete barriers weighing anywhere from two to four tons depending on their overall dimensions. Available from Caldwell and other manufacturers, concrete barrier grabs, sometimes known as jersey clamps, provide an alternative method for lifting that minimizes damage to the barrier.

Concrete barrier grabs are lifting devices that are specifically designed to securely clamp onto the vertical portion of road barriers. Barrier grabs utilize a special auto-latch mechanism to make operation virtually hands-free. As the clamp is lowered onto the concrete barrier, the auto-latch triggers the jaws to begin automatically closing around the barrier. Each clamp can only disengage from a concrete barrier once it is completely lowered back onto the ground – or other hard, flat surface like a transport truck.

Use of this method prolongs the life span of each concrete barrier and, therefore, cuts down costs for replacement while also saving countless man-hours spent on a manual lift with chains or synthetic slings. Between the time saved on each move and the costs cut on replacing damaged barriers, the rental for a barrier grab is easily negated.

Additionally, each barrier grab comes equipped with replaceable lifting pads, swapped when one set gets worn as well as based on whether the barrier is painted or not. Replaceable polyurethane pads are used for unpainted barriers while steel, “dog point” lifting pads are for use in painted barriers.

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