Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Electric Chain Hoists with Motorized Trolley

Chain hoists come in all different flavors, from manually operated to air or electric assisted operations. Each option has their own preferred uses, optimal locations, and pro/con lists to help determine the best choice for the project. Additionally, the need for clamps/trolleys to pair with the hoist along with available headroom may render your choice moot.  What happens when headroom is tight, air is not an option and you’ve only got 4’ of available rigging space to hoist 10 tons?

In that scenario, your first step is to look at your options, in this case manual or electric. It goes without saying, nearly anyone would prefer to push a button to raise a load than exert 95-lbs of force for every pull on a hand chain. The downside: electric chain hoists require considerably greater headroom than a hand chain hoist, not to mention the duty cycle.

Time to cut to the chase. When adding up the required headroom for a trolley and either of the above hoists, you’ve run out of space. For example, a typical 10-ton electric hoist carries a headroom requirement of at least 52.4 inches. Add on the 22.4 inches for a 10-ton push trolley and you’re just over 6’ of headroom eaten up. Similarly, a 10-ton hand with 32½” of headroom and the same trolley is sitting at 4.5 feet of required space.

electric chain hoist with trolley system

That’s where today’s product enters. LGH offers an electric chain hoist with motorized trolley that cuts out the excess in a compact footprint. Available in capacities ranging from 1½-ton and up to 10-tons, there’s a hoist for most projects fitting the above criteria. Our largest offering, the ESM100L requires only 46.5 inches of space from the bottom of the beam to the hook. The trolley offers traversing speeds of up to 40 ft/min and the hoist carries a lifting speed of 5.2 ft/min.

Utilizing a lug-mount, the hoist and trolley successfully eliminate wasted space from the hook and shackle traditionally required. The main caveat to bear in mind with this hoist is the height limit. With a standard lift height of 10 feet, it will not be suitable for every application. However, the value of keeping your rigging tight and compact whenever possible should not be dismissed. This setup has fewer parts and the ability to both lift and easily transport a load into its final location.

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