Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Pallet Trucks and Platform Carts

Among the tools you may not know we rent are pallet trucks and platform carts. An often-overlooked aspect of material handling is how pallets and smaller materials reach the work site when forklifts aren’t an option. Generally used as an “accessory” rental along with other equipment, each of these can be instrumental in handling jobsite materials.

Pallet Trucks pallet truck for rent from LGH

The rental pallet trucks available at LGH are equipped with 7” polyurethane casters that allow for a 210-degree steering arc. Sitting at a height of 3” when lowered, the pallet truck raises to 7.5” height at maximum lift. A simple 3-position hand control allows the user to raise and lower the load or set to neutral position while moving the load. The pallet trucks can move a load weighing up to 5,500 pounds with forks set 27” apart and 48” long.

Platform Carts

The steel deck heavy-duty platform carts carry a 2,500-pound load rating and have large pneumatic tires for superior load cushioning. The larger wheel size lgh platform cartmaximizes mobility over rough terrain while also offering protection to more fragile loads. Measuring out at 36” W x 62” L, the platform cart can carry larger loads, amounting to fewer back-and-forth trips. With a deck height of 21”, you’ll also save your back while loading and unloading compared to other alternatives.

Note – we don’t have platform carts featured in LGH product listings online or in the catalog. However, they are available by calling our rental desk at 800-878-7305.

Over the years, we have seen numerous instances where a facility will not allow forklift operation in certain areas. Planning and knowing the site limitations ahead of time will allow you to be prepared and have these on site and ready to go.

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