Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Rol-A-Lifts

Moving bulky, hard-to-handle box shaped loads can potentially cause trouble on your jobsite. Rol-A-Lifts – occasionally called refrigerator dollies – can provide a safe method of moving both awkward loads as well as sensitive equipment. With a variety of different lift heights and capacities available, Rol-A-Lifts are a versatile option that provides stability and reliability.

Skarnes M12 Rol A Lift

Rented primarily in pairs, Rol-A-Lifts can combine with additional pairs to handle greater loads – provided no point exceeds rated capacity. For example, combining two sets of M-12 Rol-A-Lifts can safely move an evenly distributed load up to 24,000-pounds. Rol-A-Lifts also provide 360-degrees of rotation and aid in maintaining control over the load throughout the entirety of the move.

The large swivel casters allow the load to traverse bumps and cracks on factory floors in any direction with ease. With phenolic casters up to 3-tons, cast iron or forged steel for higher capacities, the Rol-A-Lift casters are exceptionally durable. The casters, ranging from 5 to 8 inches in width, also help to spread the load evenly across the wheelbase.

Rol-A-Lifts operate with a manually operated hydraulic jack integrated in the frame of the unit. Each model has varying heights of lift, ranging from 4-1/3” to 12-3/16” with most sitting at 4¾” of lift. Knowing the required lift height helps determine which model or how many pairs would be required to make the move.

Along with the Rol-A-Lift, side straps help to secure loads for added stability for loads that are increasingly awkward. Top straps pair with the side straps to prevent slippage of the load during movement. The straps also provide the ability to move sensitive equipment like glass, electrical panels and switchgears. Having the ability to handle everything from large industrial equipment to servers, Rol-A-Lifts handle wider varieties of projects.Rol-a-lift straps

Adjustable forks also allow for the load to be properly centered under the load to accommodate different widths. They also add additional control in capturing the load’s center-of-gravity.

Rol-A-Lifts are also great for use in individual applications, moving boxy loads like gun safes, money vaults and document safes with ease. Considering gun safes can weigh anywhere from 600 to 5,000 pounds, having a Rol-A-Lift with the straps makes moving easy.

With any load, figure the load weight is reduced to only 5-percent of the rated load. In the above example, a 5,000-pound gun safe requires 250-pounds of force to move the safe into its final location. That reduction assumes the load is moving on a level plane, but that difference is staggering. In many cases, a load that would otherwise require several people can be managed with only one or two.

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