Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Self-Locking Cube Jacks

Another of the tools you may not know we rent – self-locking cube jacks – provide an all-inclusive option for synchronized lifting. A recent addition to the market, Enerpac’s self-locking cube jack upgrades traditional jack & pack operations with an all-in-one solution. Intended to be paired with the split flow pump, cube jacks are a cost-effective solution for synchronous lifting (+/- 4%). Here, we will break down the cube jack in three sections: components, why you should use it and ideal industries. 

What makes up a cube jack?

Base Frame

The base frame is made up of the body of the jack, plunger, hydraulic connections, mode selector lever and pin, relief valve, and a self-locking collar. It has incorporated pallet truck lifting points (set for a standard height pallet jack) for easy maneuvering. Alternatively, integrated lifting eyes allow for hoisting into place as needed.

Removable Insert Table

Included with the base is a removable insert table, allowing for staging and easy installation of each cribbing block. When not in use, the insert table stores neatly off to the side of the unit, yet still readily accessible.

End Block and Steel Cribbing Blocks

Prior to beginning a load, the end block is inserted into the opening of the jack. The end block has an adjustable swivel saddle, allowing for fine adjustment* during setup to fully encapsulate the load. Steel cribbing blocks self-align with pins on the top and slots on the bottom, ensuring a stable lift throughout. Each jack comes with up to 11 cribbing blocks, maintaining stability up to 81” (~ 2 meters) of total lift.

*50mm extension adjustment (roughly 2”) 

Why should I use a cube jack?

There are many reasons to incorporate cube jacks on your projects, whether for their simplicity in near-synchronous lifting or cost-effectiveness. Some of the main benefits to incorporating cube jacks into your equipment options on critical lifts are as follows:

  • The steel cribbing blocks are engineered and designed to provide safe and easy multi-point lifting up to 81” high.
  • The self-aligning aspect of the crib blocks virtually eliminates the possibility of tipping when set up plumb and level.
  • Self-locking collar with lock indicator removes the risk associated with adding cribbing under traditional hydraulic jack & pack applications.
  • Comes with load test certification, which is otherwise impossible when running with traditional wood block cribbing.
  • The crib blocks are engineered to ensure 1.5% side load resistance at full height, providing assurance during the lift.
  • Mechanical locking cribbing while lifting and lowering eliminates the need for locking rams or check valves in crib applications.
  • Compatible with all 10,000 psi hydraulic pumps and mechanically operated – no computerized components or software to learn before use.
  • A jack-up lift can be completed in around 50% fewer cycles, resulting in significantly reduced labor over climbing jacks.
  • Simple lever adjustment to switch between lifting and lowering, therefore no changing equipment or additional components required.
  • Stored and shipped within a custom frame, everything from the jack to the cribbing blocks (up to 11) fit neatly inside.
  • Requiring only a standard pallet jack, can be set into confined spaces where fork trucks and other equipment cannot.
  • The self-aligned crib blocks occupy far less space than traditional wood cribbing, requiring a much smaller footprint.

Most likely industries to have use for self-locking cube jacks. 

We never like to limit applications for any piece of our equipment, as we’re always learning new ways of using our fleet on unconventional projects. With that said, some of industries that would have use for a cube jack include, but are not limited to:


We have seen our cube jacks utilized in setting ship components into place when hoisting was not an option.

Power Gen

Cube jacks are commonly used for transformer, boiler or other large machinery lifting when space is typically at a premium. The all-in-one aspect of the cube jacks make repair and replacement of equipment a breeze.

Bridge and Civil Construction

Jack-up or jack and slide setups have been utilized in the bridge and civil industry for quite some time. However, cube jacks are easier to use and more efficient when extreme heights and weight are not required.

Heavy Haul

Cube jacks are an ideal solution for offloading of equipment or vehicles from a flatbed trailer. Simply jack the load, pull the trailer from under it, and safely lower it to the ground.

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