What Is a Roust-A-Bout?

What Is a Roust-A-Bout?

In the world of construction, manufacturing, and facility maintenance, objectives like efficiency, safety, and versatility are not just goals—they’re necessities. That’s where the Sumner Roust-A-Bout comes in. The Roust-A-Bout is an innovative lifting device designed to meet and exceed youR jobsite needs. But what exactly is a Roust-A-Bout, and how can it transform your next project? Let’s dive in.

Roust-A-Bout RentalDefining the Roust-A-Bout

A Roust-A-Bout is a specialized lifting tool that enables a single operator to lift, place, and install heavy loads. It can lift up to 1,000 lbs in tight or confined spaces where traditional lifts fall short. Its design is a testament to ingenuity, combining rugged construction with ease of use. The Roust-A-Bout allows you to facilitate tasks that would typically require multiple workers or more cumbersome equipment.

Your Project Game-Changer

Single-User Efficiency:

The Roust-A-Bout is a powerhouse of productivity, allowing one person to perform the work of a crew. This feature is invaluable for installing pipes, ductwork, and I-beams. This product excels in confined areas where space and access are limited. By streamlining these tasks, it not only saves time but also reduces labor costs. This is a clear value proposition for businesses looking to optimize their operations!

Demonstration of the Sumner Roust-A-Bout from LGH.
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Heavy-Duty Versatility:

With its ability to safely handle loads up to 1,000 lbs, the Roust-A-Bout is a versatile tool suited for a wide range of applications. This includes both shop work and onsite construction projects. Its rugged 8″ casters allow for smooth horizontal movement, while the manual crank ratchet winch offers precise control. This versatility ensures that regardless of the task, the Roust-A-Bout is up to the challenge.

Convenient Portability:

One of the Roust-A-Bout’s most practical highlights is its design for easy transportation and storage. It quickly breaks down, making moving between job sites or adjusting a breeze. The dual-winch system not only provides separate operation of load and mast elevation for enhanced safety, but also reinforces the Roust-A-Bout’s user-friendly operation.

Beyond Lifting: Safety and Adaptability

The Roust-A-Bout doesn’t just make lifting easier; it makes it safer. Each unit is designed with safety in mind, featuring locking pins for secure assembly, inspection guidelines for daily use, and the inclusion of guy lines for stability at heights above 20 feet. This attention to safety ensures that operators can perform their tasks with confidence, knowing that the equipment is designed to prevent accidents and handle loads securely.

Example of a load being lifted with the Sumner Roust-a-Bout from LGH.A Solution for Every Project

Whether you’re in the construction industry, involved in facility maintenance, or managing a manufacturing plant, the Roust-A-Bout offers a solution to a common problem: how to efficiently, safely, and easily move heavy loads in confined spaces. Its combination of single-user efficiency, heavy-duty versatility, and convenient portability makes it an invaluable addition to any project, saving time and money while enhancing safety and productivity.


In conclusion, the Sumner Roust-A-Bout isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a problem-solving tool designed to tackle the most challenging aspects of physical labor and project management. By integrating the Roust-A-Bout into your operations, you’re not just investing in a tool, but investing in a more efficient, safe, and productive future for your projects.

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