Case Study: Chiller Rack Install Success with NessCampbell & LGH



Jobsite picture from LGH and Ness Campbell case study, working on a chiller rack installation in Milwaukie, Oregon.

This case study delves into the details of an installation project that NessCampbell recently undertook in Milwaukie, OR for PermaCold Engineering. The job required a rapid response to the unexpected early delivery of a CO2 chiller rack. In partnership with LGH, NessCampbell managed to overcome logistical challenges, demonstrating a high level of strategic planning and a commitment to safety. This teamwork is reflective of both companies’ standards of excellence.



NessCampbell, a Portland-based crane and rigging company since 1947, faced an immediate need for specialized rigging when the massive CO2 chiller rack arrived from Canada two weeks ahead of schedule. The rack, weighing 26,500 pounds and measuring 6.25 feet in width and 28 feet in length, necessitated swift action to avoid significant project delays and additional costs.

Additionally, the project required installing the chiller rack inside a working refrigeration warehouse that belonged to PermaCold’s client. Constant truck activity increased the project’s complexity. This project required precision in the installation process, ensuring minimal disruption to warehouse operations.



The primary challenge was the short turnaround time. The early arrival of the chiller meant LGH had two business days to deliver the rigging equipment to the job site. Additionally, Ness Campbell had to coordinate the logistics of a 400-ton crane within the confined space of the operational warehouse. They also needed the 30-foot tilt bar to work in tandem with the LGH’s MOD-24 spreader beams.


Construction workers from LGH and Ness Campbell case study, installing a CO2 chiller in Milwaukie, Oregon.



Travis Brown, Project Manager at Ness Campbell, worked closely with LGH’s representative, Jarrod Kern. Kern displayed remarkable commitment by coordinating the delivery of 6 spreader beams the day before his personal vacation. The active environment and limited space made their teamwork crucial for moving the CO2 rack into position. LGH’s ability to quickly mobilize and provide the necessary equipment was instrumental in the project’s seamless execution.



The successful installation of the CO2 chiller rack stands as a testament to Ness Campbell’s meticulous execution and LGH’s reliable support. The project not only met but exceeded client expectations. Quick jobsite delivery saved them an estimated $35,000 in potential storage and transportation costs. This achievement underscores the synergy between comprehensive planning, expert execution, and access to the right equipment. Companies like LGH and NessCampbell continue to set new benchmarks for industrial installations.



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