Case Study: Gate Valve Replacement with Skidding System



When it comes to handling heavy, cumbersome equipment in challenging conditions, precision and expertise are paramount. Founded in 1923, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. serves a wide range of clients, including governmental agencies and utility companies. They provide expert solutions for complex infrastructure needs. Recently, the company faced a significant challenge: replacing a 48-inch gate valve in New Jersey. This case study explores how LGH’s Hydra-Slide XLP150 Skidding System provided a critical solution for J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. in replacing the large gate valve, emphasizing our commitment to delivering efficient and reliable rigging solutions.


Jobsite pic of J fletcher creamer using the hydra-slide xlp150 from LGH to replace a gate valve.THE SITUATION

The New Jersey-based client required the replacement of a cracked 48-inch gate valve. The valve was located in an underground concrete chamber, directly beneath a water tower. Typically, such valves are replaced by removing the chamber roof and using a crane to lift the valve out. However, the presence of the water tower made this method unfeasible.


Nick Glodava, the superintendent for the project, faced significant challenges due to the unique conditions of the site. Instead of removing the chamber roof and using a crane to lift the valve out, the team determined that they had to demolish a portion of the chamber’s side wall and slide the existing valve out through the narrow opening. The primary challenge was to safely and efficiently slide the new 20,000-pound valve into place through the same narrow opening, requiring a low-profile and precise solution.


  • Restricted access due to the water tower.
  • Limited clearance for equipment.
  • Need for precise control to avoid damage to the new valve.



J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. turned to LGH for a solution. Pete Fortunes, an LGH Outside Sales Representative, recommended the Hydra-Slide XLP150 Skidding System for this project. The XLP150 is designed for low-clearance environments, making it ideal for this application.

Jobsite pic of J fletcher creamer using the hydra-slide xlp150 from LGH to replace a gate valve.
XLP150 Skidding System moves the gate valve.

Key Features of the XLP150:

  • Low Profile Design:

    Ensures the load remains close to the ground, enhancing safety and stability.

  • Ratchet Track System:

    Automatically resets the cylinders for the next push cycle, streamlining operations.

  • Off-the-Shelf Solution:

    Fully engineered and easy to use, eliminating the need for complex setups.

  • Safety and Compliance:

    Meets stringent safety standards, focusing on operator safety.

  • High Friction Coefficient:

    Ensures controlled movement, minimizing the risk of uncontrolled motion.

Nick and his team, with the guidance of Pete Fortunes, used the Hydra-Slide XLP150 to slide the new valve into the chamber. The system’s low profile allowed it to fit through the narrow opening, and its precision ensured that the valve was positioned accurately. The entire process was efficient and safe, demonstrating the versatility and reliability of the XLP150 Skidding System.


The gate valve replacement was completed successfully, with the Hydra-Slide XLP150 Skidding System proving to be an invaluable tool. The project showcased LGH’s commitment to providing innovative and effective rigging solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction and project success.

“We had to replace a large gate valve in a challenging location, and LGH’s Hydra-Slide XLP150 made it possible. The system’s low profile and precision were exactly what we needed. Pete Fortunes and the LGH team were incredibly supportive, helping us every step of the way.” – Nick Glodava, Superintendent, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc.




Founded in 1923, J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc. has grown into a nationally recognized contractor for infrastructure needs, serving governmental agencies and utility companies across the United States. Their commitment to safety, quality, and excellence ensures they deliver successful projects for their clients.


LGH holds North America’s most extensive inventory of lifting and rigging equipment, with a mission to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations worldwide. With over 70,000 pieces of gear and a network of locations across Canada and the US, LGH remains committed to excellence and innovation in every aspect of our service.

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