Case Study: Hotel Chiller Installation with Little Headroom

Hotel Chiller Installation with Little Headroom




When it comes to chiller installation in a tight underground space, it’s important to keep your cool.

Ontario-based Ready Machinery was recently hired to install a chiller unit in the underground area of a hotel. However, Project Manager Steve McKenna was thrown a curveball the day before when he discovered that the chiller was a stackable unit, not the side-by-side unit the team had anticipated. Despite the last-minute setback, McKenna was able to contact LGH Representative Wayne Thompson that evening and receive the necessary equipment by 7:30 a.m. the next day.




The installation presented unique challenges due to the tight spaces in the underground room. Limited headroom, narrow width, and small door size posed significant obstacles. As the installation took place on the second level of the underground area, they needed to navigate a gradual decline while maintaining control over a 6,000-pound barrel. Ensuring the safety of the installation process while descending required careful planning and execution.



The team relied on two 3T aluminum gantries, four 2T hand chain hoists, and four 3T beam trolleys to successfully complete the installation. Selection of rigging equipment was based on several factors. The width of the room determined the appropriate I-beam, while the height dictated the use of two 3T gantries. These gantries allowed them to work within the restricted space.

“Usually, you would set the bottom barrel and then place the top barrel on top, but we didn’t have the room to do [that],” said McKenna. “We used your gantries to take the top one up, move the bottom barrel underneath, and then let [the top barrel] down.”




Despite the unexpected change in chiller configuration, LGH managed to fulfill the equipment order with less than 12 hours notice, ensuring a seamless installation process. LGH was chosen to assist with this project due to its excellent service and the trust established through a longstanding customer relationship. Even though the client had some of their own equipment, they relied on LGH for its reliable and well-maintained products. “A lot of the time, we have [chain hoists and beam trolleys], but LGH’s are usually in such pristine condition that we rent them because we trust the quality of your product.”

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Wayne and the collaboration with LGH, the project was completed ahead of schedule, under budget, and most importantly, with safety as the top priority. The chillers were installed, fully operational, and ready to serve the hotel’s needs.




LGH Equipment Used:

• (2) 3T Aluminum Gantries
• (4) 2T Hand Chain Hoists
• (4) 3T Beam Trolleys


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