Case Study: LGH and Golden Bridge Fast-Track Airbus Transport


LGH and Golden Gate Airbus Lift at Long Beach Port- from Case Study

When it comes to the most complex logistical challenges, transporting massive aerospace components across the globe might just take the cake. Size, fragility, and time-sensitivity all play a major role.

In this case study, we explore how LGH’s prompt and professional rigging solutions helped Golden Bridge International navigate an unexpected snag during a critical shipment.


Golden Bridge International is a family-owned freight forwarder based in Southern California. Second-generation owner Daniel Zhao describes Golden Bridge as “big enough to be global, but small enough to care.” As a family-owned business, Golden Bridge takes its commitment to safety and success personally.

Daniel and his team were recently tasked with transporting an enormous Airbus from Tucson, Arizona, to Shanghai, China. The project required precision and expertise to handle the massive components safely and efficiently. This case outlines the exceptional collaboration between Golden Bridge and LGH, emphasizing our commitment to providing swift and effective solutions under pressure.


Golden Bridge initially planned to transport the disassembled aircraft via a specialized breakbulk carrier. Typically, these breakbulk carriers handle the heavy lifting themselves with a ship-side crane. However, a delay in the disassembly of the aircraft caused Golden Bridge to miss the scheduled breakbulk ship.

The schedule setback required an urgent alternative solution. Daniel’s revised plan involved utilizing a French-owned CMA container vessel. Unlike the breakbulk carrier, which wouldn’t arrive again for another month, these container vessels arrive daily at Long Beach Port. However, “Plan B” significantly altered the requirements for loading and securing the aircraft components.


LGH spreader beams for Airbus Lift at Long Beach Port- from Case Study
40-ton LGH spreader beams saved the day.


Golden Bridge was able to transport the Airbus from Tuscon to Long Beach via truck without any issues. However, in the words of Daniel, things went “downhill” as soon as the shipment arrived at Long Beach Port.

Golden Bridge quickly learned that the Port lacked the necessary equipment—a 40-foot spreader bar—to safely lift and load the aircraft’s fuselage. This complication threatened to delay the shipment further, potentially costing time and revenue. Moreover, the Port’s heavy unionization and strict safety protocols compounded the urgency of finding a rapid solution to avoid logistical bottlenecks and potential penalties.

Unaccepted rigging from Golden Gate Airbus Lift at Long Beach Port- from Case Study
Golden Bridge struggled to find acceptable rigging equipment, like the rusted-out beams above.

Daniel pointed out that it is very atypical for a freight company like Golden Bridge to be in charge of acquiring rigging for a project like this. He notes, “Just to be clear, it’s never the freight forwarder or the cargo owner’s job to act as a procurement department for the port.”

In a race against time, Daniel scrambled to find the proper rigging that would also meet the Port’s strict standards. He laments,

“I drove all around LA. I called maybe 20 different vendors, and we actually located three options for the port. But the port either said, ‘Oh, there’s no testing on this piece of equipment’ or ‘This equipment is too old, too rusty.'”



Golden Bridge eventually reached out to their contact at Mi-Jack, VP Frank Calamino, for some urgent insight. Mi-Jack is an RTG crane supplier; the company has worked with LGH in the past, so Calamino recommended that Daniel contact LGH representative Cameron Brown. Brown, a Los Angeles-based Outside Sales Rep, quickly coordinated the time-sensitive turnaround for Golden Bridge.

To comply with the Port’s standards, Daniel traveled to the Compton-based LGH warehouse beforehand to verify the working order of the equipment. “[The warehouse] was very clean, very impressive,” he says. “You guys are extremely professional. And I just gave the go-ahead.”

The LGH warehouse team immediately took care of the fabrication and testing of the required drop-links and shackles on Friday. The team then went the extra mile for Golden Bridge and opened up the shop for a Saturday pickup. Daniel notes,

“When we found Cameron, I was so relieved because Cameron was so helpful. And then he said, ‘Yeah, we could get this fabricated and load tested for the port standard and have it ready within 36 hours’. And to me, that’s unprecedented.”

Despite the tight timeframe, LGH managed to deliver the tested and certified rigging equipment for the Monday morning lift, demonstrating exceptional responsiveness and precision.



The collaboration between LGH and Golden Bridge International exemplifies our commitment to delivering not just rigging solutions, but also peace of mind. Daniel praised LGH for being a saving grace during an otherwise chaotic process. He says,

“I just want to thank the whole LGH team for accommodating this on such last-minute notice. And I’m very impressed with the professionalism and flexibility of the LGH team. I’m sure we’re going to be working on a lot more projects together going forward in the future, now that we know each other. I will make any recommendation to a customer for LGH.”

This project not only fortified a new business relationship but also reinforced LGH’s position as a leader in providing reliable lifting solutions across industries.




Founded in 1999, Golden Bridge International has become a key player in Trans-Pacific trade, offering comprehensive logistics services, including NVOCC, warehousing and distribution, customs clearance, and more. With a robust global network, Golden Bridge continues to facilitate and enhance international trade for a multitude of industries.


LGH holds North America’s most extensive inventory of lifting and rigging equipment, with a mission to ensure the safety and efficiency of operations worldwide. With over 70,000 pieces of gear and a network of locations across Canada and the US, LGH remains committed to excellence and innovation in every aspect of our service.

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