Case Study: LGH Assists Sullivan Industrial with Boiler Removal and Installation

Boiler Installation: Out With the Old, In With the New

This case study examines a challenging project that Sullivan Industrial Services (SIS), working with LGH, undertook to remove outdated boilers and install brand-new units at a school in Northern Connecticut. Faced with challenging conditions and stringent requirements, the successful completion of this project exemplifies the strategic planning, expertise, and dedication to safety that both companies are renowned for.

SIS is a rigging and relocation company based in Milford, CT. With more than 35 years of experience, the team members at SIS are pros in rigging and relocation services. For that reason, Central Mechanical Services approached SIS to help with the removal and installation of these challenging units. This case study highlights how LGH’s equipment and support played a pivotal role in the project’s success, reflecting the synergy between precision planning and operational excellence.


Sullivan Industrial using an LGH 2T aluminum gantry to install a new boiler.The Situation

The task at hand involved removing twelve old boiler sections and installing two new Lochinvar boiler units. Access to the room was particularly challenging, involving a 10-foot shaft and an additional descent into a pit via a small flight of stairs. The new units, each weighing 2,900 lbs and measuring 79″ x 35″ x 77″, required installation without the removal of their sheet metal guards. This added a layer of complexity to the project.


The Challenge

Managing logistics while ensuring the safety of the team, and the integrity of the boiler units, called for unparalleled precision and adaptability. The necessity to work around live heating piping without disrupting the school’s operations was also a challenge. Other obstacles presented themselves during the planning phase, including:

– The boiler room’s access limitations. The job required precise maneuvering through a narrow shaft and down a flight of stairs.
– Inside the boiler room, low-hanging pipes and a lack of clearance posed significant risks to both the equipment and personnel.
– The new boilers needed to be rotated 90 degrees to fit through the exterior pit, rotated back once inside, and then carefully skated aside to make room for the subsequent units.


The Solution

Foreman Robert Randolph, in collaboration with LGH’s Mike Moran, meticulously planned the logistics of this project. Moran helped Randolph select a 2T Aluminum Gantry for the operation. This equipment choice was crucial for navigating the spatial restrictions and ensuring the safe installation of the boiler units. LGH’s ability to provide immediate feedback, solutions, and the necessary equipment on demand underscored the seamless cooperation between SIS and LGH. This led to a smooth project execution.



The safe and effective installation of the new boiler units is evidence of Sullivan Industrial Services’ dedication to excellence and LGH’s unwavering support and provision of top-notch equipment. This collaboration not only ensured the satisfaction of the client, but also highlighted the importance of meticulous planning, expert execution, and the right tools for the job. Through challenges and complexities, the partnership between SIS and LGH illuminated a path to successful project completion, reinforcing the standard for future endeavors in the industry.


LGH Equipment Used:

– 2T Aluminum Gantry


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