Case Study: Metropolitan Walters and LGH Tackle the Impossible Over NYC Parkway

Lifting Over Manhattan: LGH’s Rigging Solutions Propel Metropolitan Walters to New Heights


Getting equipment and supplies to a jobsite can often be a challenge. But what about when that jobsite is located directly over FDR Drive in Manhattan, surrounded by water, roadways, and other buildings on all sides? Learn how LGH helped Metropolitan Walters achieve the impossible in this rigging case study.


Jobsite picture of LGH rigging helping lift a tower crane in New york City.

The Situation:

Metropolitan Walters, a premiere steel erector in the Tri-State area, faced a unique challenge with a project at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. HSS hired Metropolitan to construct a new building for the hospital system. The jobsite location didn’t have a physical address because of its location above FDR Drive, a major parkway that runs through New York City. Project Manager Alex Pasacrita and his team had to get creative with barging in steel and other supplies via the East River. This strategy brought a separate set of challenges. Pasacrita and his team would need to undergo a complex crane pick in order to install a separate tower crane over FDR Drive. That tower crane would then lift the steel from the barge. Due to the project’s demands and the need for a pre-assembled pick, Metropolitan Walters sought expert rigging solutions from LGH.



The Challenge:


Google Maps screenshot of the Hospital for Special Surgery jobsite location in New York City. LGH helped Metropolitan Steel lift a tower crane to this site.
For perspective: The Hospital for Special Surgery location in Manhattan (via Google Maps).


Pasacrita first needed to address the unique center of gravity of the pre-assembled and pre-reeved tower crane. The boom on the tower crane was 150 feet long. The Metropolitan team used a computer analysis to find the “friendliest” center of gravity, based on how the crane boom was angled. It quickly became evident that this job demanded specialized rigging equipment. Due to the East Coast’s ramped-up focus on wind power projects, barge cranes are also difficult to get ahold of. This made timeliness a cost-conscious imperative. The monstrous 500T crane was expensive and had limited availability. Instead of buying the hyper-specific rigging needed to lift it, Pasacrita turned to LGH reps Alex Garcia and Pete Fortunes for help.

“The key with Alex and Pete was just the availability of the gear,” Pasacrita remarked.  “The answer was always ‘yes’ when I asked them, ‘Do you have this or do you have that?’ Prior to approaching you guys, I didn’t know where to get this stuff.”

The Metropolitan team initially thought they would need a 170T, 20-foot spreader bar. However, once the rigging was built on site, they quickly realized it needed to be longer.


Jobsite picture of LGH rigging helping lift a tower crane in New york City.The Solution:

LGH, the largest organization dedicated to providing lifting and rigging gear for rent, offered a comprehensive solution to Metropolitan Walters’ challenges. LGH reps Alex Garcia and Pete Fortunes stepped up to make sure Metropolitan Walters had what they needed. Regarding the spreader beam, Pasacrita remarked,

“I didn’t know this, but your team informed me that the beam actually adjusts. It’s like a modular bar that bolts together. We went right back to you guys, and magically it could grow another five feet. Another piece was there the next day. So it’s pretty neat.”

Through collaboration with LGH, Metropolitan Walters successfully lifted the tower crane to the jobsite over FDR Drive. LGH’s extensive catalog and commitment to customer satisfaction shone through in ensuring the availability of critical equipment. From 25-ton chain falls to a modular 170-ton spreader bar, LGH provided the necessary rigging gear within a tight timeframe.



The collaboration between Metropolitan Walters and LGH exemplifies the success of a partnership built on expertise, responsiveness, and a shared commitment to overcoming challenging projects. LGH’s extensive inventory and dedicated team of representatives played a crucial role in ensuring the success of Metropolitan Walters’ complex project.

Project Manager Alex Pasacrita concludes, “I love the attitude of your guys. It’s always a can-do attitude. And it seems to me that behind the scenes, you guys always do the work to backup the LGH salesman and make them look good. We look forward to using you guys in the future.”


LGH Equipment Used:


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About Metropolitan Walters

Metropolitan Walters is an integrated division of the Walters Group that offers installation and erection services to the New York City market. Walters Group joined forces with Metropolitan Metals during the rebuilding efforts that followed 9-11. From our very first collaboration, we discovered a common passion for tackling complex projects. Metropolitan Walters offers advanced installation and erection capabilities, combined with an intimate understanding of the city. They also have an appreciation for historical nature of many of the buildings and understand how to tackle the related logistical challenges.




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