Case Study: Lifting the Navy

The Complex Challenge of Lifting a Navy Vessel Ramp


Lomma crane project at bayonne drydock


It’s a great day at work when you get to help your country.

Lomma Crane, a New Jersey-based premier provider of cranes, recently collaborated with Bayonne Drydock on a crucial project for the Navy in Bayonne, NJ. The project involved lifting a large ramp for a Navy vessel. As part of the project, Lomma Crane rented rigging equipment from LGH, the experts in lifting gear rentals.

This Navy project held special significance for Lomma Crane because the vessel was carrying military supplies. Lomma Crane COO Frankie Signorelli commented that the company took extra pride in this project because “we’re helping our country”. The scope of the project was substantial, and the militaristic nature of the operation necessitated time sensitivity and heightened security. All below-the-hook rigging equipment used for the project was sourced from LGH, ensuring reliability and efficiency for the high-priority task at hand.



During the project’s execution, Lomma Crane faced a challenge related to the reassembly of the ramp. The issue arose from the initial engineering plans not accounting for the presence of a walkway and platform above the rigging location. Through effective communication and collaboration with LGH and Stroh Engineering, Lomma Crane skillfully adjusted its approach and completed the task without compromising safety or efficiency.



To ensure optimal rigging equipment selection, LGH representative Pete Fortunes actively participated in the decision-making process. Signorelli commented, “Pete stepped up. He knew what was popular to use once we gave him the weight.” He provided valuable input and participated in conference calls alongside Lomma Crane and Stroh Engineering. The collaborative effort led to the selection of the most appropriate rigging equipment for the project’s unique requirements.

Lomma Crane successfully managed to stay on schedule throughout the project. Their primary responsibility was to lift the ramp and place it on blocking for repair. Despite facing some unexpected issues during the repair phase, including hidden damages that required notifying the Navy, there were no issues with the rigging. The equipment rental from LGH helped ensure the smooth execution of the lifting and placement tasks.

Lomma crane project at bayonne drydock                  Lomma crane project at bayonne drydock



The successful completion of the Navy project was a result of seamless collaboration between Lomma Crane, Bayonne Drydock, Stroh Engineering, and LGH. LGH’s Pete Fortunes played a crucial role in ensuring the appropriate rigging equipment was selected to meet the project’s demands. Lomma Crane expressed deep appreciation for LGH’s commitment to providing reliable and efficient solutions for their lifting and rigging needs. Signorelli said, “LGH is always there for us, whatever we need.”

LGH’s dedication to customer satisfaction and technical expertise continues to reinforce its valuable partnership with Lomma Crane and other industry leaders. With a team of experts like Pete Fortunes, LGH remains a trusted resource. LGH is always ready to support and deliver exceptional service to its clients, regardless of complexity or scope.


LGH Equipment Used:


Additional Equipment Used:

  • Manitowoc 750T crane
  • Terex 600T crane


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