Case Study: Massachusetts Bridge Replacement



The Situation

atlantic-bridge-CMOD50-spreader-frameFor Dave Blais at Atlantic Bridge and Engineering Inc., installing two lines of tub girders for a bridge replacement in Massachusetts provided a distinct set of obstacles. “This was probably the second tub girder job we’ve done in the past 10 years,” he remarked. The team was more familiar with installing wide flange beams and plate girders, so they had to think outside the box and find equipment that would safely and effectively lift the girders into place.


The Challenge

The first phase of the project consisted of three “tub” girders that needed to be spliced together. This required a 330-ton track crane. The tub girders were also curved, so the team needed to make special considerations when compensating for the roll of the girders. Atlantic had recently purchased their own spreader frame but quickly realized that it would be too small for the job.


The Solution

Blais and his team enlisted the help of LGH, renting two different-sized CMOD50 Spreader Frames: 9×16’ and 9×22’.


atlantic-bridge-CMOD50-spreader-frame   atlantic-bridge-CMOD50-spreader-frame  atlantic-bridge-CMOD50-spreader-frame


Since they already had a strong idea of what they needed for the project, they were able to quickly find the CMOD50 Spreader Frames in the LGH catalog. Even though the team at Atlantic Bridge had never worked with LGH before, renting the necessary frames proved to be one of the simplest aspects of the project. Blais remarked that the LGH staff was helpful with providing pricing and logistical details for receiving and returning the rented gear. The decision to rent also greatly benefited their bottom line.

“Budget-wise, we did extremely well on the project,” said Blais.


LGH Equipment Used:


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