Case Study: Creative Use of Bull Rigging to Replace an Attemperator

Creative Use of Bull Rigging to Replace an Attemperator

Ontario-based contractor WSN Construction was called upon to perform a replacement of an attemperator from one of their boilers, replacing an outdated unit with a newer one composed of grade P91 advanced chromium molybdenum steel. Working within the constraints of the 875MW power plant in Brampton, ON, WSN Construction reached out to LGH to supply an adjustable 2-ton aluminum gantry, two 10-ton beam clamps, eight 5-ton beam clamps, two 3-ton trolleys and a dozen 2-ton hand chain hoists to assist in the project.

Speaking with Jim Millette, project manager for WSN Construction, the removal and replacement of the old attemperator from its final location was the easy part. The obstacles in the facility forced the crew to come up with a creative solution – utilizing a beam in the plant in conjunction with the LGH supplied gantry – to perform the replacement. WSN Construction was able to bull rig the attemperator once it had arrived at the handrail using 10 of the 2-ton hoists that were not in use on the gantry to drift the load over the handrail roughly 110 feet up inside the power plant and then lower the unit back down to the gantry on the other side without the benefit of a monorail. The old attemperator was then lowered down to the ground in a location where a crane could make the swap of the old and new units so the crew could complete the replacement.

When asked what led them to work with LGH on this project, Jim said that WSN has worked with LGH in the past with success and, following the completion of this project, were in communication about another large project coming up.

We would like to dedicate the success of this project to the efforts of the project manager that oversaw the move, Keiran Quinn, who has sadly passed away following the completion of the replacement in October 2020. May he rest in peace.

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