Master Link Rental

A master link is a connecting device, similar to a shackle. Rent the exact master link you need from LGH!

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Capacity Manufacturer Model Download Specs
10,000 lbs Pewag A180 Click Here
26,000 lbs A260
39,100 lbs A320
61,100 lbs A360
11,000 lbs A500
61,100 lbs M360
84,900 lbs Crosby A342-1014388 Click Here
102,600 lbs A342-1014404
143,100 lbs A342-1014422
160,000 lbs  A342-1014468
216,900 lbs  A342-1014440
279,000 lbs A342-1014529
800,000 lbs GN Rope Fittings SC1 – 12913500 Click Here
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