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Electric Winches Rental

The electric winches, otherwise known as an electric tugger, operates at 115 volts. It is portable, lightweight and offers many different cable length and diameter options.

Manouverability – where relocation is required.
Slow line speed – where precision control is a major factor.
Heavy duty motor/controls – where multi moving is required
Minimum maintenance for long contracts on obscure sites.


Check List
What line pull do you need? – Check the actual load.
Are you lifting or pulling? – If pulling, is the load on wheels, rails or dragging?
How much rope do you require?
Is power accessible-safely?
Do you require any slings or shackles?
Do you need any other equipment to ease or speed up the job?

Also known as:

Electric Tuggers | Electric Winches | Tuggers | Electric Chuggers | Elec.

Video: Learn How to Properly Select and Use an Electric Winch

Video: Troubleshooting Electric Winches

Product Description

My – Te Electric Winches

Technical Specification
Capacity (lbs) Manufacturer Model Download Specs Add to Cart
1000 My-Te 100AB Click Here

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3000 My-Te AC36B Click Here

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