12 Reasons to Rent – #5

12 Reasons to Rent – #5

Access to the Best Manufactured Gear; Tested, Certified and Ready for Use

Starting out, LGH strongly saw the value in providing rental equipment to our customers rather than focusing on sales of equipment and developed our business model toward providing the best value to our customers. In supplying the best-manufactured gear, LGH can ensure our customers have access to premium quality equipment for every job, fostering a safe work environment for all workers on a job site.

With the strict requirements on testing, inspecting, and certifying equipment, along with the high costs associated with that process when done regularly, the true cost of ownership on a piece of equipment goes far beyond the sticker price. Minimum requirements on any gear used specify yearly inspections and certifications of all equipment within a fleet, but far too often, the most used pieces of equipment are left unchecked for too long and that is when accidents are most likely to happen. Additionally, when each piece of equipment is out for certification, testing, or repair, that is downtime that could potentially cost you a job.

LGH takes in each piece of equipment from rental and begins an extensive and comprehensive procedure to ensure that each piece of equipment bearing the LGH logo has been fully broken down, cleaned, repaired when necessary, and has been fully inspected down to the individual nuts and bolts. We do this so that you can rest assured that each time you rent from LGH, you’re getting gear that operates as if it’s brand new, every time you rent. You have enough to worry about in creating a safe working area for your crew, rent from LGH to remove any concerns about whether your equipment is up to the task.

We are also aware of the requirements for proof of certification and happily provide certifications on all of our equipment, documenting the testing that each serialized piece of equipment went through prior to your rental so you can present that to an inspector should the need arise. LGH is here to be a full partner to you and your crew from conception to completion on every job.

For more information on any of our offerings or to reach your local representative, please visit our web site at www.rentlgh.com. You can find our full, LGH Online catalog, locate any of our rental locations across North America or pull up contact information for your local representative, full spec sheets on all of our equipment and more.



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