12 Reasons to Rent: #8 Storage Costs

When people think of the term “rental,” there is often a negative connotation of used, beaten and poorly maintained equipment whether you’re talking about a rental car or rental lifting equipment. For that reason, people will evaluate the value of a rental based on the cost of rental vs the cost to purchase the equipment and think no further. At LGH, we don’t believe in renting out beaten-down equipment and go above industry standards in our maintenance to make sure that every rental operates the same as a brand-new piece of equipment every time.

One commonly overlooked hidden cost of owning equipment is the cost of storing the equipment properly. Sure, if you leave your equipment, let’s say a hand chain hoist, sitting outside in your yard, there isn’t much of a storage cost but your hoist won’t be lasting very long that way. Now what if you’ve got yourself a 20’ long lifting beam? 40’ long? Where do you store those without having rust lower the structural integrity of the beam?

If you’ve ever tried working with a hand chain hoist loaded with chain that’s battle-worn and rusted over, you know it’s not a fun proposition. Improper storage of your hoists, chain, beams, etc. not only drastically shortens the life of your equipment but will also make it more difficult to work with them on the job site.

That leads to proper storage of equipment. LGH has researched and implemented the best method of storing each piece of equipment in our fleet and invested in climate-controlled rental centers where all equipment is stored bare and in specially made containers or racks designed to remove the strain of storage. All chain is cleaned, inspected, stored and sorted by length and stays free of rust as a result.

Suppose you have a basic fleet of equipment, where do you store the equipment when not in use? If you are leasing the plot of land your warehouse is situated, the cost of rental factors into your storage costs. Climate controlled? Add air conditioning or heating costs in. Any building requires continual upkeep to ensure the structure is sound and that means replacing a roof, siding, windows, etc. For a full fleet, the cost of a space large enough to store your equipment adds up pretty quickly.

That’s where LGH enters. Suppose you could eliminate all hidden costs of ownership, maintenance and testing. Is it not a valuable asset to have someone on your side that’s already taken on those costs? If you no longer need to worry about finding a larger building or paying additional monthly expenses, how valuable is that to you?

Let LGH be your warehouse, providing top quality equipment for all of your projects, wherever they may be. Use LGH as your storage facility that you only pay for when you need the equipment and can move on worry free once the job completes. Take a look through our electronic catalog to see our fleet and reach out to your local representative for any questions or quote requests.

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