Six Things to Know About: Mat Jacks

There are many kinds of jacks in the industry built to perform numerous tasks and with specific uses in mind. Ranging from low capacity toe jacks designed to get underneath a low-clearance load to 1,000 ton rams capable of holding up a bridge, whatever load needs lifting, there is a jack capable of meeting your needs.

In some instances, however, you may run into a load with extremely low ground clearance that also exceeds the low capacity offered on a hydraulic toe jack. Enter inflatable air bags manufactured by Mat Jack. Below are six things to know about Mat Jacks.

  1. Mat Jacks are designed to reach into areas with clearance as low as 1” thick. The smallest air bag in our fleet, the 3.3-ton WLL jack, measures in at 6” wide x 12” long x .75” thick and expands up to 3” in height.
  2. Mat Jacks can be used stacked on top of one another to double the lifting height, provided there is clearance and both jacks are placed directly on top of each other, so the expanded points match up.
  3. Mat Jacks have an inverse relationship between inflation and lifting capacity. As inflation increases, their capacity decreases.
  4. There are two compositions for MatJack air bags – Kevlar or woven steel – both of which are encapsulated with five layers of neoprene rubber for maximum durability.
  5. The outer surface of each MatJack is covered with a raised, interlocking, conical surface to provide maximum traction on the load at all levels of inflation.
  6. MatJacks can be used in any orientation and nearly any floor conditions, whether you are looking to push a load away from a wall in tight quarters or have minimal clearance below the load. The rugged surface can withstand extreme surface conditions without causing damage to the bag.

With such a wide variety of uses, MatJack inflatable air bags are great pieces of equipment that you should consider for your projects next time things get a little tight or you’re working in areas where traditional jacks won’t fit. LGH has MatJacks in capacities ranging from 3.3 to 70-tons depending on your needs.

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