12 Reasons to Rent the Hydra-Slide™

Desighed for simplicity, the Hydra-Slide provides one of the most cost-effective and accurate methods for moving, loading and unloading all types of heavy loads.  Whether you’re sliding transformers, generators, compressors, pressure vessels, and machines where a rigid, load carrying track is required, the Hydra-Slide will have you covered. Need another reasons How about 12 more? 

Reduced After Job Disposal: What do you do with purchased equipment that is not needed after a job is complete? Do you keep it or sell it? What about when it’s broken and needs repair? Don’t want to be accountable for these responsibilities? Renting jacking and sliding equipment will greatly lower your after-job disposal costs and headaches.

No Obsolete Equipment: There are smarter and safer ways to horizontally move loads these days. Some of the equipment you use might have built the pyramids, but that is the era where it should stay. Consider using the latest in technology. Why not take advantage of a simpler, stronger, and safer way by renting a Hydra-Slide™ skid system today.

Accurate Cost Control: Calculating tricky job costs using the equipment that you purchased long ago can be difficult. Renting a skidding system and synchronous pump allows you to get a more accurate cost for your project. Properly planning and choosing equipment can be a pitfall that can be avoided by choosing a time-tested method for horizontally-moving loads. 

Right Tool for the Job: Cranes are very useful and versatile; however, at times, they’re not practical, cost-efficient, or feasible. In these circumstances, you may find a Hydra-Slide™ system to be a perfect solution for your horizontal load movement project. You’ll get all of the components you need for a successful operation.

Well-Maintained and Ready to Use: Your project conditions can be severe, so equipment must be properly inspected and certified to meet your harsh demands. With LGH, you can be confident your skidding system will be in peak condition, with track having been cleaned and graphite re-applied. The pump will be tested and re-calibrated to manufactures specifications. You’ll never have to roll the dice again with questionable equipment. LGH has your back.

No Breakdown Problems: The Hydra-Slide™ system boasts an impeccable performance record. With the ratchet-style track fabricated of the highest grade steel, there are no parts that can fail. In addition, the diesel synchronous hydraulic pump has been tested and recalibrated to manufacture specifications at our facilities. We are in the business of making you look good. In the unlikely event of challenge, we are a call away to have it fixed – in most cases, the same day.

Minimal Equipment Required: Don’t guess and piecemeal your project. That could be a sink hole of lost production time and money. Call us today, and we’ll help you get exactly the minimal, but correct Hydra-slide components, and nothing else you don’t need. We are your true partner in getting the job done right…the first time.

No Storage Costs: Renting Hydra-Slide™ equipment eliminates the need for equipment storage after job completion. The equipment is delivered by LGH when and where you need it and retrieved immediately after use. Use your facilities to store items that increase your bottom line, not kill it.

Reduced Maintenance Expense: It just makes sense to have smaller inventory of equipment needing maintenance and certification. Renting a heavy skidding system and synchronous hydraulic pump from LGH will eliminate the need for extra staff, training, and parts in order to maintain it.

Reduced Property Tax: Do you want to pay more or less taxes? Did you know that property taxes are reduced on rented equipment? When you figure the tax obligation on owning a complete Hydra-Slide™ system, you won’t hesitate renting one from LGH for your next project. 

Increased Borrowing Capacity: Cash is still king. When applying for a loan, the more financial resources you have, the easier that loan will be to get. Renting equipment will have a significantly less impact on whether or not you are able to move forward with other critical business plans.

Conservation of Capital: You could avoid spending money on equipment that is used infrequently or never again. Renting a skidding system and pump can conserve a lot of your businesses capital that could be smartly used elsewhere.

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