What Does Being ‘Safe’ Mean to LGH?

Overall, safety in our industry is the most important part of our business and yours. Our type of rental equipment is used on major construction sites, power plants, refineries, and all other types of heavy industries. These types of sites can often be very dangerous and the type work that is being performed could also be hazardous if proper planning is not executed and tested, certified equipment is not used.

One of the things that separates LGH from many rental companies is our commitment to safety. The safety of your equipment, our customers, and our employees is LGH’s number one priority and we take extra care in making sure that our equipment procedures and overall safety training programs are in place at all times. 

Our rental equipment is often used for many different types of industrial sites – construction, maintenance, steel erecting, boiler installs, etc. – and the majority of them are critical lifts. We have to make sure that the equipment we supply is properly tested and certified prior to our customers use on the jobsite. Part of our Mission and Core Values at LGH is that we are an industry leader for the SAFE rental of all types of Hoisting & Rigging Equipment that would help build a better America.

Workers can remain safe on jobsites by being aware of the surroundings and also have the proper lift plans in place prior to any lift. Being prepared and communicating to all workers involved in any lift is a crucial part of remaining safe of jobsites.  Obviously, wearing the proper protective safety equipment and being training properly on the hoisting or rigging equipment in use is also an integral part of a safe jobsite, too.

Safety is our number one goal for any lift and we test, inspect, and certify our equipment prior to rental, so you don’t have to and you can carry on and experience a safe, successful lift every time. LGH is committed to safety and always “Puts Safety First”.

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