Basic Hoist Operating Practices

As with any type of equipment, there are standard practices to adhere to before you begin using it. Such is the case for any type of hoisting equipment including hand-operated, electric, and air-powered hoists. In order to effectively utilize your hoisting equipment, ensure your safety, and maximize its full operating potential, make sure to follow the Do’s and Don’ts below outlined below. Because here at Lifting Gear Hire, your safety comes first.


  • Lift more than the rated load capacity of the hoist
  • Use a damaged or malfunctioning hoist
  • Use a hoist with a twisted, kinked, or damaged chain
  • Use a hoist if the bottom hook is capsized
  • Use the hoist to lift, or support people
  • Shock load the hoist
  • Operate hoist when it is restricted from forming a straight line from hook to hook in the direction of loading
  • Use load chain as a sling or wrap load chain around load
  • Use in a way that causes either hook to be side-loaded
  • Allow the chain, or hook to be used as a welding ground
  • Operate a hoist in which the safety placards or decals are missing or illegible
  • Attempt to lengthen or repair damaged load chain
  • Don’t use a hoist without knowing its recorded certification history


  • Be familiar with operating controls and warnings
  • Make sure the hoist is securely attached to a suitable support before applying load
  • Take up slack carefully – make sure the load is balanced and the load brake is holding before continuing
  • Make sure all persons stay clear of the the load
  • Protect the hoist’s load chain from weld splatter
  • Report malfunctions of the hoist and remove the hoist from service until the malfunction is resolved
  • Warn personnel before lifting or moving a load
  • Do keep accurate records of certification or make sure your supplier can provide this to you

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