Maintenance 101: The Benefits of Dirt Stoppers and Oilers

How the benefits of dirt stoppers and oilers can improve your bottom line


Have you ever taken the oil plug out of the bottom of your car and drove it around, expecting the performance to increase?

The simple answer for most people is “no”. Similarly, effective use of inline dirt stoppers and oilers is essential when utilizing pneumatic air-powered equipment during a project. The benefits of dirt stoppers and oilers are sometimes overlooked but their value can be considerable. In the rental industry, equipment is repeatedly put to the test when used in the field. The natural wear and tear is often greater than that of an owned piece of equipment. The simple fact is that rental equipment has to be tough in order to survive. The LGH staff has the knowledge to professionally repair and maintain, but it behooves your deadline and bottom dollar to make sure that dirt stopper and oilers are properly used. 

Consider this when renting an air-powered accessory from LGH: by not utilizing the inline dirt stopper and oiler as close to the inlet coupling as possible, you are dramatically increasing the chances that the unit will fail and potentially incur costly damage. This will lead to frustration, increased downtime, labor cost, and a disappointed customer.

In summation, we recommend that you use dirt stoppers and oilers at all times. The performance of the unit will increase, while eliminating all the possible negative side-effects. You have more important issues to worry about, so don’t let this simple one thwart your project.

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