Do’s and Don’ts for Safe Rigging

With any project, the goal is to complete the lift or move safely and efficiently. Proper rigging training for your crew is an important step in ensuring the project goes off without any complications. Below are just a few do’s and don’ts for safe rigging practices.


  • Ensure all staff that are involved in the lift/move are trained in safe rigging practices.
  • Determine load weight and load share at all lifting points to ensure adequate rigging equipment is used.
  • Carefully plan out the lift/move ahead of time to avoid unexpected delays or equipment failure.
  • Make sure the center of gravity (CG) is directly below the crane hook and/or fully encapsulated within the rigging.
  • Utilize tag lines to help maintain control of the load at all times.
  • Make sure the load is balanced – helps avoid crane tipping and shock loading.
  • Perform visual and/or physical inspection of all rigging each time prior to performing a lift.
  • When rigging around a load, use a sling or lifting device and engineered lifting points for attachment.
  • Use only approved methods and/or devices when shortening slings.
  • Ensure there is enough swing space for a crane before performing a lift.


  • Allow any rigging hardware to come into contact with the load, unless it is designed to do so.
  • Exceed rated capacity of any rigging hardware.
  • Use any rigging with damaged, illegible, or missing identification tags.
  • Hoist people with equipment not explicitly rated for man-riding.
  • Leave suspended loads unattended.
  • Work under a suspended load or within the fall zone.
  • Allow the chain or body of a hoist to come into contact with a load as its lifted.
  • Forget to account for the angle and tension on a sling when selecting rigging.
  • Forget to use sling protection on abrasive loads.
  • Calculate rigging in a vacuum. Environmental factors play a significant role in safe rigging.

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