From the President’s Desk: How LGH Chooses Equipment

Since LGH opened its US doors in 1990, we’ve always been very strict in regards to the types of products that we stock for our rental fleet. It is very important to us to have the same types of rental equipment at all of our locations for a couple reasons. This helps maintain a consistent standard to which our customers can become accustomed.  We also are able to customize our rental stock levels by the main industries that are served by each LGH location. Based on the types of industries that we service, we’re able to specifically stock our locations with rental stock that can support these markets.

Our rental equipment must always be able to handle a variety of markets and environments. That’s why we only partner with a select number of suppliers and manufacturers.  Over the years, we have been able to determine which products we offer in our rental fleet that can handle the robust nature of these types of markets including maintenance, repair, marine, petrochemical, and more.  We only store products in our rental fleet that are built and designed to safely be handled in the industries that we work within, while also only utilizing equipment that has proven to withstand the rental market. The cost of our rental equipment is not a determining factor. We look for robust and dependable equipment that we can trust to work safely for our customers.

LGH continually adds and expands to our rental fleet every day. Just this past year we have added more rental stock than ever before and we plan is to continue this trend as the markets and demand increase for our rental products and services.

LGH has partnered with a select number of manufacturers and many of the providers of our rental products are the same manufacturers we began working with over 26 years ago.  We need manufacturers and suppliers that only offer the highest quality and most robust products for our rental fleet and also have the ability to support LGH with additional stock, safety support and technical support when needed. We value our manufacturer and supplier partners and we’ve been very loyal to them for many years. LGH will always be committed to building on these relationships in order to better serve our customers.

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