Get to Know the Electric Power Bar

The electric power bar is designed to push, or skid, loads. They’re most commonly used in conjunction with low-profile dollies, tank rollers, or air skates.

Electric power bars are one of the most commonly misused and frequently damaged pieces of equipment. Mainly, because loads are often placed on top of the power bar instead of on the two tongues, despite the fact that a warning is embossed on top of the body itself.

One of the most common challenges that can arise from misuse is that the wheels stop turning while the motor is running fine. Most likely, this is due to the spur gear and/or electric motor cluster being sheared or damaged. Frequently, this means the user has not come to a complete stop before switching to the reverse direction. Abrupt stops and starts should always be avoided for this reason.

Another issue that can arise from misuse is the circuit breaker continually tripping. This is often likely because the electrical cord is too long and/or too thin of a gauge. You should check the electrical cord requirements to ensure the correct extension cord gauge and length is being used. If, however, you have the proper cord and still have issues, you need to ensure that the circuit can output at least 20 amps with no drops. If not, try another circuit.

Additional Tips:
  • Power bars should only be used for pushing and never for pulling a load. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the manufacturers use and care manual before any operations begin.
  • Ensure that the floor is clean, level, and free of imperfections – as much as possible. 
  • Adjust the height of the bar to create the best leverage you can under the load. Pushing down on the handle to produce enough bite on the load’s contact point avoids causing damage to either. 
  • Never set a load on top of the body.
  • Use the two tongues for loading purposes only. 

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