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Each new year offers LGH an exciting opportunity to grow and become a bolder company with the same traditional values. Our marching orders for many years have been to continue to open 2-3 rental center locations each fiscal year. The Parkinson family has invested so much into the LGH business and has provided the necessary resources to make the LGH goals and plans become true possibilities. With those efforts and resources, we now have grown to 21 locations nationwide. In fact, 2016 was the year we branched into Canada by opening our a rental center in Toronto, Ontario, which was a logical choice for us due to its booming industry. The same vision and courage that were required to expand into Canada will be needed once again as we begin a brand new year, which is abound with endless potential and opportunities for newfound growth.

Tony Fiscelli

Some of our goals for 2017 are to continue to grow as a company and follow through on plans to open at least 2 new rental center locations this year. With the possibility of opening a rental center in the Northeast and another in the Southwest. There are also plans in motion to hire an additional Rental Representative in Southern California and another in New York City.

Some of the other changes for LGH in 2017 include building additional customer features to enhance our recently-launched rental application system, Liftware™. We have plans to implement an RFID system for our rental products as well. We’ve grown past the need for hard stamping our equipment with serial numbers, so with this RFID system, we’ll be able to efficiently monitor where the equipment is located and what test and inspections have been performed upon it – in real time. This will provide provide convenience for our customers as well as save their valuable time during projects.

Additionally, we will be implementing new training programs for all rental center service technicians and rental representative staff. In fact, a number of core training programs have already been developed in 2016, and we’ll continue to improve upon and utilize them throughout 2017 – further ensuring safety and quality for our customers.

The future looks bright for Lifting Gear Hire. With 2016, LGH-USA has become part of a global effort. Our team has done a great job building partnerships in the United States and our sites continue to stay there with an additional focus on the Canadian market. With our efforts combined with our LGH Europe’s initiatives, we’re steadily building a multinational company with the capability to expand into many more world markets. Hopefully, 2017 will take us to the next step in doing just that.

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