Maximizing High Lift Efficiency with Beta Max LEO Hoists

Beta Max Hoists provide a range of electric cable hoists capable of lifting loads with several benefits over other options. The largest in the fleet is the LEO, capable of hoisting a load of 1,000 lbs at speeds up to 80 ft/min with lifting height of up to 220 feet.

One thing to clarify off the bat, the standard LEO hoist is rated to lift a load of up to 1,000 lbs. at 80 ft/min with single-part line. Using a double rope kit, the hoist becomes rated to 2,000 lbs. but the speed drops to 40 ft/min.

The LEO hoist is a perfect option when you need to hoist equipment on high lift projects quickly and safely. Its relatively light weight and compact frame makes working in confined and/or hard to reach places easier. Also virtually eliminates the duty cycle of traditional electric chain hoists with its high rate of lifting speed. beta-max-leo-hoist

Trusted rigging on site is one of, if not the most valuable factors. While there are certainly situations to use forklifts or rope and pulley systems, the LEO provides a safe, efficient solution. Some facilities refuse to allow loose rigging on forklifts without the proper attachments, so the LEO offers up another tool in your arsenal.

The LEO hoist has several mounting options available, providing a tremendous amount of versatility in jobsite applications. The LEO hoist utilizes regularly available equipment on site to mount from, whether that be a structural I-beam or scaffolding. This versatility is achieved with a wide array of mounting options along with a separate system available.

  • I-Beam Trolley:
    • Allows the hoist to adapt to many existing I-beams.
    • Maximum Capacity: 2,000 lbs.
    • Flange Width: Adjustable from 3”–8.25”
  • I-Beam Fixed Mount:
    • Mounts surrounding beam to keep hoist stationary on the I-beam.
    • Maximum Capacity: 2,000 lbs.
    • Flange Width: Adjustable from 2.5”–5”
  • Scaff Trac:
    • Track sections attach to existing scaffolding on site without use of any tools.
    • Running length can go as long as required. Each section is 7 feet long, offering unlimited length.
    • Maximum capacity: 1,200 lbs.
    • Can only be used with single-part LEO hoists as a standalone option, unless paired with:
  • Trestle Monorail:
    • Pairs with Scaff Trac system and offers alternative where scaffolding is not present.
    • Provides option for between-the-floor and rooftop lifting when properly counterbalanced.
    • Maximum capacity: *2,000 lbs. (*must be paired with support brackets. Without support brackets, system rated for 1,200 lbs.)

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