When You Need to Think Inside the Box

Everyone in the industry knows about spreader beams and the versatility they provide on the job due to the overwhelming number of articles that cover every aspect of their usage from bridge suspension to simply creating more pick points for an object than a single crane hook could provide. 

The CMOD, provided by Modulift, creates a square or rectangular lifting beam setup anywhere from 4×4 to 36×36 that creates a singular unit with four pick points. Utilizing specially made corner units keeps the unit compact and efficient without adding additional hardware to divert the slings around a second beam.

One of the many benefits of the CMOD system is that situations that would require multiple pick points can be accommodated with far less headroom being eaten up than traditional setups that require at least 45 feet of headroom to operate a 36-foot beam, the CMOD system can be used with shorter slings and don’t require a second set of longer slings to create the extra pick points.

Take a look through our online catalog to see our full line of spreader beams, lifting beams and available equipment and please visit our Website for more information on available sizes of CMOD beamsModulift spreader beams or to speak with one of our trained staff through our online chat feature for more information or to help with any lift you may be planning that would reap the benefits of the added stability and versatility of our CMOD system. You can also locate your local rep or rental center for assistance on the jobsite.

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