A Thing, a Thing, a Marvelous Sling

This Blog series will focus entirely on some of the uses, benefits and limitations of the various sling hitches and where you would find them in use in the field. In the first segment, it seemed only fitting to start off with one of the most common hitch types: the basket hitch.

While hitch types are the same throughout all mediums of sling composition, whether wire rope, chain, nylon or polyester, there are different applications for each type, but that’s another topic for another day. All styles of sling will share a common factor: doubling the working capacity of the vertical load rating, provided the sling is used in a true “basket” configuration while utilizing two crane hooks or a spreader beam to create a vertical leg on each end of the sling.

Single basket hitches provide an effective means of hoisting objects in a variety of shapes and sizes. Commonly used to hoist objects that do not have designated lugs, basket hitches increase the level of control of a load when used properly. One of the most critical things to account for with a basket hitch is the use of proper sling protectors on objects with sharp corners to prolong sling life and safeguard against sling failure during a lift.

A single basket can also be double wrapped to create a more secure load, when required, while maintaining the doubled capacity. Creating a double basket does require accounting for additional length in the slings being selected for the job but, in certain applications, the safety of the lift is entirely dependent upon selecting the correct length sling. For example, picking up loose objects, such as pipe, is a prime example for where a basket hitch would work best in a double basket. Use of a double basket, in place of the traditional single basket, could be the difference between safely hoisting a load and catastrophic failure due to a shift in the sling’s pick point on the load.

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