Save Time and Money with Maxial Track Hoist

Getting the Max out of Your Time and Money with Maxial Track Hoist

Is erecting and dismantling your scaffolding taking too much time and effort? Are you losing money because your current system is inefficient? Many companies are losing out on productivity and the cost effectiveness of their projects because they’re not using the right equipment.  If you want to solve these issues, then you’ll want to consider a Maxial Track Hoist.

Maxial Track Details

Manufactured by BETA MAX Inc., the Maxial Track Hoist is designed specifically for the unique demands of scaffold building because it is flexible enough to work with any modern scaffold system – Frame, System or Tube and Clamp. With the additional narrow track option for industrial boiler maintenance, you can quickly load and unload material. The baskets are designed for scaffolding, which results in no delays securing your pieces for transport and no falling parts. The track builds with the scaffold erection; it can mount inside or outside of the frame. There are no separate setups, no additional space, nor extra tools required for assembly. Simply bring up a piece of Maxial Track with the scaffold and add as needed.

Save Time

Scaffold pieces can be delivered to work at 80 feet per minute. Your workers will not be standing on the scaffold, waiting on the supply chain and materials to be delivered. They can be assembled in batches instead of one piece at a time. Projects tend to work best when hoists are used in tandem. Your deliveries can be made steadily, all-day, with no unexpected delays from worker fatigue, breaks, or injuries. The ability to provide fast and consistent deliveries will allow for more accurate estimating, no matter how large the project.  Project timelines and labor hours can be estimated more precisely when the supply chain is fast and works without breaks.

Save Money

With the Maxial Track Hoist, there is potential for 20% more productivity. Labor will be freed up to work on scaffold construction – not transporting materials. When you work in a safer environment with less fatigue, you will be able to look at jobs differently in the future and bidding projects going forward knowing you have the right equipment. 


About BETA MAX Inc.

In 1985, BETA MAX Hoist introduced the first high-speed, long-lift, wire rope material hoist systems as an alternative solution for general construction material lifting. While now offering Portable, Maxial, and Rack and Pinion Hoists, BETA MAX Hoist is committed to providing superior quality products with exceptional service and technical support. It is the policy of the company to work with customers to create safe and reliable hoist systems that will increase productivity and worker safety.

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