Get Synced Up with LGH’s Hydraulic Synchronous Lift System

How to Use a Hydraulic Synchronous Lift System

Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting System

Let LGH’s Pat Clark be your guide as you take a gander inside the machinations of the Hydraulic Synchronous Lift System. In this latest demonstration video from LGH, current and potential users of the sync-lift system can view its proper installation and gain some troubleshooting tips to resolve common issues that can arise with the sync-lift system. 

The Synchronous Lifting System allows for true computerized synchronous lifting and jacking. With tolerances as tight as 0.04” between the leading and lagging cylinders this system makes precision a priority. The system allows for control of up to 24 lifting points, data storage, and recording, and use with standard single or double-acting cylinders.

  • Stroke and load controlled movement for positioning and weighing
  • Load and stroke alarms for optimal safety
  • Integrated 10,000 psi hydraulic pump and controls

Give yourself ease of mind and maintain safe and effective use of the system by watching this video from your friends at LGH.

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