Speed Up Your Project With BETA MAX Electric Hoists

With any project, time is one of the most valuable commodities, yet it can be the most difficult to manage. Finding ways to both speed up the project and simultaneously maintain safety reduces labor costs and keeps your project on schedule.  

Even though they are primarily associated with scaffolding applications, Beta Max™ electric hoists are more versatile than you may think. Utilizing some of the available accessories, these hoists can be mounted anywhere from scaffolding to I-beams with relative ease. Below, we will briefly look at the hoists themselves as well as the available accessories that speed up your project. beta-max-electric-hoist

BETA MAX™ Electric Hoists

LGH offers a full line of Beta Max electric hoists ranging from 400 to 2,000 pounds with lifting speeds up to 80 ft./min. Few hoists on the market can come close to offering the speed and portability of a Beta Max hoist. Along with the unmatched lifting speed, the light weight makes setting up and positioning a Beta Max hoist considerably easier than their chain-driven counterparts. 

Scorpio Plus XL
  • The Scorpio is best for smaller projects with lighter load requirements, carrying a hoisting capacity of 400 lbs. 
  • Runs on traditional 110v power. 
  • When scaffolding is present, attaches directly to the vertical posts to raise materials wherever they are needed. The Vertical Post Mounting System pivots 180°, allowing for convenient loading and unloading of materials at any work level. 
  • Also installs easily on existing scaffold systems, work platforms, I-Beams, and rooftop mounting systems. 
Gemini Plus
  • The Gemini can be used to lift 600 lbs at 80 ft./minute when run with single-part line, but also can be double parted. Using a double block kit, the hoist is rated for 1,200 lbs at 40 ft./minute lifting speed.
  • Largest Beta Max hoist to operate on 110v power.
Leo and Leo XXL beta-max-electric-leo-hoist
  • Ideal for heavy-duty, high lift projects. Rated for 1,000 lbs. single-parted or 2,000 lbs. when paired with double block kit with equivalent speeds of the Gemini.
  • Optional Scaf-Trac Mounting System provides a standardized and complete lifting solution engineered for easy installation every time.
  • Optional VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) allows user to better control the speed of lifting/lowering material (see next bullet).
  • Runs on 220v three-phase power (can be purchased to run on 440v three-phase power).
Leo and Leo XXL VFD
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) allows for smooth acceleration and deceleration of the hoist from 10 ft./minute up to 80 ft./minute.
  • Runs on a separate outlet, following three phase motor to run on single phase power.
  • Ideal for precision placement of delicate materials.
Maxial Track Hoist
  • Fast, easy solution to the transportation of both frame or system scaffold and/or delivery of building materials.
  • Track sections available in 9’9”, 6’6”, 3’3” and extends to heights of over 175 ft.
  • Substantially lowers overall labor costs, reduces injuries, and increases job site productivity.
  • Also provides continual scaffold and material delivery at over 80 ft. per minute.

BETA MAX Mounting Options

Vertical Post Mount
  • Suitable ONLY for the Scorpio Plus Hoist, this option provides the ease and flexibility to utilize existing scaffolding.
Scaf-Trac Mounting System
  • Available for use on Gemini, Leo*, and Leo XXL* models (*with single part line).
  • Lift capacity 1,200 lbs. (2,000 lbs. when paired with Trestle Monorail System with support brackets).
  • Use in place of an I-Beam to allow loads to raise up and into a final location.
I-Beam Trolley Mount
  • Available for use on Gemini, Leo, and Leo XXL models.
  • Lift capacity 2,000 lbs.
  • Adjustable flange size from 3”-8.5” to fit standard sized I-Beams.
Roller Top Mount
  • Available for use on Scorpio**, Gemini, Leo, and Leo XXL models (**two different sizes).
  • Used in conjunction with the Scaf-Trac or Trestle Monorail systems.
  • Lift capacity 2,000 lbs.
Trestle Monorail System
  • Available for use on Gemini, Leo, and Leo XXL models.
  • Support for 1,200 lbs. but can achieve 2,000 lbs. capacity with optional support brackets.
  • Pairs with Scaf-Trac beam to allow cantilever capabilities.
Fixed I-Beam Brackets
  • Available for use on Gemini, Leo, and Leo XXL models.
  • Lift capacity: 2,000 lbs.
  • Adjustable flange widths of 2.66”-5.25”.
  • Mounts to standard size I-Beams.


For more information on BETA MAX™ electric hoists available for rent at LGH, please click to chat with a live rental support specialist or call 800-878-7305.

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