Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Forklift Boom

Another of the tools you may not know we rent is the forklift boom. There are many instances where use of a telescopic forklift boom can provide a solution where overhead space is limited. The model available from LGH has a telescoping boom with a maximum horizontal reach of 12’ in 1’ increments. Horizontal extension is made easy with the use of the incorporated handle at the end of the unit.picture of a caldwell forklift boom

With a rated capacity of 6,000 pounds when extended up to 6’ out, the forklift boom can be quite a versatile material handling tool. Intended to allow users to hang lifting equipment from the forks, allowing for easy movement of bulky rigging equipment. It’s important to note, however, that as the boom is extended out, the rated capacity decreases with an inverse relationship.

In other words, as extension increases, rated capacity decreases, so it’s important to note both the weight and size of the load. Additionally, the forklift boom is vertically adjustable in five increments up to 40 degrees. Raised vertically to its top position, it reaches a height of 6’4” to lift larger items with ease.

deration chart for the caldwell forklift boom

On the back of the boom, there is a safety chain that gets mounted to the mast of the forklift. The restraining chain with grab hook prevents the device from slipping off the tines and ensures the load stays secure. Depending on the load, hooks are swappable between fixed and swivel options, allowing the load to rotate if necessary.

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