Top 5 Reasons to Rent a BETA MAX Hoist

BETA MAX Hoists are known for being high-speed, portable, and highly versatile. Those features, along with their low running costs and high safety margins, make these hoists an invaluable tool on many job sites, providing value both in terms of labor savings and increasing the safety of workers, equipment, and materials on the job. Keep reading to increase your knowledge as we break down the top 5 reasons to rent a BETA MAX hoist.

1. REDUCE BOTTLENECKS AND DELAYS beta max high speed hoist

Unnecessary delays on the job are frequently the result of cranes being tied up. Delays not only cut into your profits on each job they occur, but may also damage your reputation beyond repair regarding your ability to complete projects on schedule. Virtually eliminate avoidable delays by giving your crew the tools to streamline their material delivery system using high-speed hoists.


Renting a well-maintained BETA MAX Hoist from LGH pays for itself in record time by saving you time and labor costs.


A common mistake on many job sites is utilizing mast climbers, swing stages, etc., to transport tools and materials. That method of material moving is inefficient due to the slow-moving nature of these pieces of equipment. Additionally, every time you lower one of the platforms down to get materials, you remove it from its intended purpose. In contrast, BETA MAX Hoists can continuously and effortlessly lift materials at a speed up to 80 feet per minute.


Don’t waste considerable manpower dedicated only to moving materials. When you appropriately utilize high-speed hoists, job site productivity increases significantly. While hoists move materials, your labor force is free to focus on more productive and profitable work. 


BETA MAX Hoists provide a much safer alternative to moving materials to higher levels of a building than man-lines, carrying materials up stair towers, or setting up ropes and pulleys. In addition, the reliability and consistency of BETA MAX hoists allow a project to run smoothly, heavily cutting down on common incidental workplace injuries that occur when manually running materials up a building.

Whatever the job, there are multiple benefits to renting a BETA MAX Hoist from LGH. For more information, chat with a rental support specialist or get in touch with your local LGH representative by calling 800-878-7305. 


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