Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Crane Fork Attachment

One of the tools you may not know we rent is the crane fork attachment. There are many varieties of crane forks, sometimes referred to as pallet lifters, available, but LGH carries only one style. While some have adjustable counterweights, the unit available for rent with LGH is counterbalanced and clearly defines where to situate the load to maintain level. Let’s take a look at what a crane fork attachment is and how it works.

Caldwell 2 Ton Pallet Lifterlgh pallet lifter

As mentioned, there are several options available, but LGH owns and rents out a fixed fork pallet lifter. The unit available for rent at LGH has the lifting point centered to keep the center of gravity (CG) below the hook. While some models utilize adjustable counterweights to offset poor placement, the fixed model requires no adjustment when the load is positioned properly.

The Caldwell Model 90 is counterbalanced to hang level when empty. This device alleviates the need for additional heavy equipment, like a telehandler, in favor of maximizing the equipment on site.

The crane fork attachment allows a crane on site to hook directly to the device, raising pallets onto the roof. In our industry, efficiency is paramount, but safety is the most important consideration in selecting rigging. This device provides both an efficient and safe option to bring pallets of materials where they are needed.

With capacities of 2 and 3 tons, the pallet lifter can handle nearly any task needed for your project. The fixed fork style is produced with the intention of making loading and unloading as easy as possible. LGH has these units evenly distributed throughout the country to ensure we have the lifter you need, where you need it.

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