Case Study: Unforeseen Delays, Unfazed Experts – Riggs Distler’s Power Plant Project

LGH and Riggs Distler Deliver Results, Despite Equipment Delays During Outage Season

Riggs Distler using LGH rigging to install a damper at a New Jersey power plant.

This case study delves into how Riggs Distler, in collaboration with LGH, overcame logistical challenges to ensure the timely and efficient installation of a critical air-handling component.

Riggs Distler, A Centuri Company, brings over a century of expertise to challenging projects across the Eastern United States. Their latest venture—a damper installation at a New Jersey power plant—produced its own unique slew of obstacles, including a delay in the damper delivery.


The Situation

This recent project involved the installation of a damper—a device integral to controlling air flow within air-handling systems—at a power plant in New Jersey. The power plant is an 830-megawatt combined cycle gas turbine operation. Such installations are routine yet critical for maintaining the operational integrity of power plants.


The Challenge

The project was slated to begin in September, but unforeseen delays led to the damper arriving a month behind schedule. This large component weighed 39,900 lbs and measured 55 feet in height by 12 feet in width. The delay shortened the installation timeline and coincided with outage season, when demand for equipment peaks and availability plummets. The return of equipment risked the inability to reacquire it, adding to the logistical conundrum. Customs hold-ups and interstate transportation regulations further amplified the complexities.


Riggs Distler installing a damper a New Jersey Power plant with rigging from LGH.

The Solution

Despite these setbacks, Riggs Distler’s century of experience shone through. Preemptive planning and a detailed understanding of the project’s needs enabled the team to remain on standby, ready to act as soon as the damper was on site. LGH played a pivotal role by providing rigging tailored to the project’s specifications. This included a 10-ton chain hoist with customized chain length, round slings, and master links. LGH representative Pete Fortunes coordinated the selection and delivery of the necessary gear. This collaboration ensured that the team could proceed immediately upon the damper’s arrival.

The project was also completed with the aid of the Boilermakers of Local 28 from New Jersey. Their craftsmanship and commitment were essential in navigating the condensed timeline and technical demands.


The successful installation of the damper is a testament to Riggs Distler’s grit and ability to leverage strategic partnerships in the face of adversity. It underscores the importance of preparedness, flexibility, and collaboration in the world of industrial contracting. Despite the initial delay and subsequent logistical hurdles, the project was completed efficiently without compromising on safety or quality. This is all thanks to the combined efforts of Riggs Distler, LGH, and the skilled Boilermakers of Local 28.


This case study not only highlights the complexities inherent in such industrial projects, but also showcases how, through effective collaboration and expert knowledge, even the most challenging situations can be navigated with success.


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