Lifting on dry land can be complicated enough, but marine applications bring with them a whole new set of challenges that will test your system and your staff to their limits.

LGH have been working in the marine industry for years, learning how to deal with rough seas, rolling decks and even underwater applications.

When there is no room for error, you need the most reliable and accurate equipment available, and LGH have it all, ready and waiting to go, from bespoke specialist single projects to regular and repeat contracts. With marine operations, it is impossible to return faulty or inappropriate equipment, so we make sure everything is right first time, thoroughly checked, tested and certified to deliver dependable performance in the most demanding environments.

We can assist with every area of marine lifting, from loading and unloading at the dockside, to deploying and retrieving underwater equipment and submersibles at sea. We’re in the engine room, helping keep the power on and your trip on schedule. We’re in the cargo hold, positioning and sorting your load ready for delivery. And we’re out on deck forming a crucial link between sea and ship.

Our engineers have vast experience of lifting loads in changing and challenging marine conditions, and they will work with you to create a system that delivers certainty in any circumstances.

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