Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical

Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical

Petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants present a unique challenge as their equipment is often bulky and heavy, yet at the same time highly sensitive and requiring precise positioning. Mistakes in these industries can have far more significant consequences than other forms of manufacturing, leading to contamination, long shut downs and serious risks to health and the environment.

LGH have decades of experience serving the exacting demands of the sector, helping construct, maintain and repair complex machinery in confined spaces to the strictest of specifications.

We can provide lifting gear that delivers both power and precision, taking on the heavy lifting with the lightest touch to avoid damage to key equipment and the expensive downtime that goes with it. As a global leader in lifting technology, LGH can provide much more than just equipment; we can offer full collaboration, both in the planning and the execution of your project, with trained teams on site to ensure everything goes to your carefully considered plan.

There are no second chances in the petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries, so make LGH your first choice for specialist lifting solutions.

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