product picture of MatJack air bag rentals from LGH

Six Things to Know About: Mat Jacks


There are many kinds of jacks in the industry built to perform numerous tasks and with specific uses in mind. Ranging from low capacity toe jacks designed to get underneath

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12 Reasons to Rent: #8 Storage Costs


When people think of the term “rental,” there is often a negative connotation of used, beaten and poorly maintained equipment whether you’re talking about a rental car or rental lifting

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product picture of an Airfloat air skate from LGH

Simple Ways to Use: Air Skates


In mechanical moves, the most commonly used equipment are tank rollers and gantries. Both of these options are used for their ability to reduce the weight of the load by

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12 Reasons to Rent – #5


12 Reasons to Rent – #5 Access to the Best Manufactured Gear; Tested, Certified and Ready for Use Starting out, LGH strongly saw the value in providing rental equipment to

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