7 Safety Tips for CMod Spreader Frame

7 spreader frame safety tips that can save you time and money

As with any piece of hoistingjacking, or pulling equipment, there are several safety precautions and equipment guidelines you must adhere to. Safely utilizing a spreader frame is no different.

When using the Modulift® CMod 50 modular Spreader Frame, it is essential to closely follow safety guidelines. Sometimes, proper usage and installation can be a little confusing. We’ve put together a few safety tips to help ensure a safe and productive use of the Modulift® system for your next project.

Cmod spreader frame

#1: Keep It Equal 

It’s easy for your load to become unbalanced. It’s vital to ensure that the frame is only loaded at the Corner Units and that they’re all equally loaded at each angle.

#2: Steer Clear of Collisions 

Ensure the frame and the load have enough space between them and have adequate clearance to prevent the load from hitting the frame. If you don’t, the frame and the load could collide causing possible frame failure.

#3: Use All Equipment Wisely 

Never undertake a lift without the correct use of appropriate top slings.

#4: Avoid Failure of Any Kind 

Do not hang any loads from the strut tube or flanges or risk total equipment failure. The spreader beam is designed for compression – not bending.

#5: Don’t Overestimate 

You cannot exceed the stated WLL for your span. Adhere to the standards set forth based on the sling angle used.

#6: 6 Degrees of Separation 

Do not rig the lower slings more than 6 degrees from vertical.

#7: Positioning is Key 

The top sling must be positioned centrally in the shackle pin to ensure even loading.



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