Which Rigging Sling Should You Bring?

A quick rigging sling comparison

The most commonly used rigging slings for typical lifting projects are standard wire rope slings and polyester slings. Each sling has its pros and cons, but it’s difficult to know which is best for your project. LGH has put together a quick infographic to help illustrate each advantage and disadvantage both types of sling possess, as well as their ideal corresponding application. This comparison will give you the knowledge you need to better support your project and ensure its success.


What is a wire rope sling?

A wire rope sling is a mechanically spliced sling, consisting of individual steel wires twisted together. They are often used in conjunction with straight lifts, soft baskets, sheave blocks, turnbuckles, and fit easily into shackles. They don’t have as much spread as a Kevlar poly round sling or a web sling. LGH wire rope slings come with a standard eye to eye design.

wire rope sling


What is a polyester round sling?

A polyester round sling is an endless synthetic sling, made from a skein of polyester yarn covered by a double-wall tubular jacket. The core yarns move independently within the jacket. They are light-weight, strong, and flexible, and will not damage your cargo when used properly. Accordingly, they are ideally suited for general and heavy industrial lifting. In addition, they can be fitted with wear pads for additional durability.

polyester round sling


Rigging sling comparison chart


Reference the chart below to help determine which sling is right for your next project!




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