Which Winch is Best: Air vs Electric Winches

Which Winch is Best in a Pinch?

If you need a winch to help in the completion of your project, then you should know exactly which type to choose. Both air winches and electric winches have their advantages and disadvantages. Utilizing the wrong winch could result in an unsuccessful endeavor and losses in time and money. LGH prepared a quick guide for you if you experience trouble in deciding which winch is best for your project. 

Air Winch

Air winches are ideal for use in environments where you have a lot of room. With an air winch, a compressor, and receiver, you need a lot of space to accommodate all of these separate components. They’re ideally used in power plants because plants have a lot of vessels, units, and components in very tight spaces. In these tight areas, you can use an air winch to redirect the wire rope all across the plant with a series of sheave blocks. They’re also ideal to lift or pull larger loads if you don’t have a hoist available.


Electric Winch

Electric winches are used in commercial industry for pulling riser pipes. They’re also commonly used by iron workers to set prefabricated steel staircases. It’s best to use electric in settings where there is not a lot of room and you cannot accommodate an air receiver and air compressor. They’re smaller and lighter, so one or two man could move them on their own without much trouble.

air vs electric winch
air and electric winch advantages graphic
air and electric winch advantages graphic
air and electric winch disadvantages graphic
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