End-of-Year Message from the LGH Executive Team

There’s much to be proud of when reflecting on the past year, and we’d like to use this blog to share some of the highlights in a brief end-of-year message to our customers and readers. 

Throughout 2022 LGH has continued in a terrific growth pattern while focusing on new markets and territories across North America.

In the last 12 months, we’ve created two additional hub locations. This successfully completed our vision of operating a hub in each major region of the country. These “hubs” are supplemental rental facilities capable of storing enough equipment to help support the regions they are located in. The hubs purpose is to effectively help us reduce transfer costs and delivery time to our customers.

These updates increased LGH North America’s cumulative square footage by a little over 25,000 square feet. Moving into 2023, we’re actively working on expanding two rental centers by another 55,000 square feet. Additionally, we’re considering moving two other rental centers in rapidly growing markets to locations about twice their current size. 

Despite facing the ongoing challenge of staffing shortages in many of our rental centers, our organization has continued in an upward trend of growth. Much credit is due to our team, who has worked tirelessly to do what it takes to support LGH in a fiscal year that is heading towards a revenue record.

We are very proud of each person in our Corporate office groups, including Sales, Support, Finance,  HR, Marketing, IT, and Operations, as well as everyone in our Sales and Operations teams across the U.S. and Canada. The dedication and resilience of our LGH family continues to be something worth bragging about.

Our goal for 2023 is to continue an aggressive growth plan and focus on better efficiency within our internal systems. This will allow LGH to improve customer experience and serve our customers with greater excellence in the new year. 

On behalf of the entire LGH staff, thank you for considering LGH a trusted partner on each project we’ve assisted on over the past year. We look forward to continuing our partnership as we move into 2023.

To you and yours, Happy New Year!

The LGH Executive Team

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