Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Aluminum Tripod

2 Ton Aluminum Tripod

When you think of an aluminum tripod used for hoisting, how many of you immediately think of the confined space rescue tripods we offer within our fleet? spanco aluminum tripodWhile similar in premise, Spanco provides a 2-ton adjustable aluminum tripod for material lifting only.

The Spanco aluminum tripod is engineered to provide a portable, heavy-lift option for spaces that otherwise wouldn’t have one. Capable of fitting into tight spaces where other equipment can’t, the tripod is a lightweight and ultra-portable lifting solution. Weighing only 120 pounds, there are few comparable hoisting options that can move around as easily from space to space. Additionally, the aluminum tripod occupies minimal space when not in use, making for incredibly easy storage.

A cable lashing kit secures the legs and interchangeable feet enable use of the tripod indoors as well as out. The cable prevents the legs from spreading too far and serves as an indicator for proper spacing of the legs. Each leg has independent adjustability in 6-inch increments, allowing for the unit to remain level on uneven surfaces. The feet, as mentioned above, are interchangeable between mud feet on soft ground or flat feet for hard surfaces.

In the center of the tripod is a free swiveling eyebolt that hangs plumb regardless of the tripod’s setup. This ensures that the tripod remains safe from twisting or straining during the load and also keeps the device level.

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