Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Hydraulic Floor Crane

LGH offers many different categories of equipment from hoisting and rigging to jacking and specialized safety equipment. One that we’ve most frequently heard our customers say they weren’t aware was available for rent is material handling equipment. Within that category lie some of the most versatile light-duty equipment in our fleet, among them, the 1,500-pound hydraulic floor crane.

The hydraulic floor crane carries a low profile for use in low-clearance areas, increasing the number of suitable applications. Between its ability to fold up when not in use and the legs that are low to the ground, the floor crane provides a tool that can be used on lighter loads without taking up the space of more conventional hoisting methods.

a couple of construction workers dressed in safety gear push a hydraulic floor crane

Constructed with a welded steel frame with steel casters underneath, the floor crane allows for easy operation by one person. At maximum load, a 1,500-pound load can be moved with only 75 pounds of force (on a flat, level surface).

Ideal for use in areas with tight space constraints, the hydraulic floor crane can get into areas other equipment can’t. On some job sites, space is at a premium and there may not be a viable option to perform a lift. With the floor crane’s small footprint and extendable boom, the floor crane can reach a load and allow easy removal. It should be noted, however, that the rated load carries an inverse relationship to the length of boom. As the boom length increases, the maximum load that can be lifted decreases.

One application we’ve seen customers use a floor crane for is as an engine hoist but there are many other applications. Additionally, in some areas when both headroom is limited and open space is nonexistent, steel or aluminum gantries may not be an option. Having the ability to get into a tight area, lift the load and transport in one shot can save considerable time on the job site.

An LGH green hydraulic floor crane sits at a job site

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