Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Hydraulic Gantries (MiniJacks)

With steel and aluminum gantry options available in the LGH fleet, our largest, highest capacity offering is the 20-ton hydraulic gantry. The hydraulic gantry, sometimes referred to as MiniJacks, provides a high-capacity gantry that offers several benefits traditional gantries cannot.

What sets hydraulic gantries apart from steel or aluminum?

At its core, the hydraulic gantry is essentially a pair of high stroke hydraulic jacks permanently affixed to a base. The flat base provides a stable platform with wheels and motors to propel the gantry along a fixed path. When paired with the runway track, ensuring the gantry remains level throughout the lift or move becomes a simple task. The track also allows for a smooth surface to move the load and can even traverse small gaps with ease.

In addition to doubling the capacity of our largest steel gantry, the hydraulic gantry can also raise with the load. What this means is that a hydraulic gantry can help whether you have a lack of headroom or need a high-reach lift. Traditional gantries require the unit to be set at the final height prior to beginning the lift. With our hydraulic gantry, the load can be affixed to the beam on the ground and raise to height. Or you can raise the beam to a desired height and use trolleys/clamps along with hoists to help accommodate off-set CG loads. The top of the beam can also be utilized to raise girders or other large loads into place.


Benefits of hydraulic gantry accessories

As mentioned previously, the hydraulic gantry also allows a load to be moved while raised without additional equipment. Utilizing rubber high-traction drive wheels and a hydraulic motor drive, the unit safely achieves smooth, continuous travel along the track. This can potentially allow for a unit to raise and travel above other equipment without disrupting anything within its path. There have been many times, customers have reached out looking for a solution to replace equipment with minimal clearance around the unit. With 16’1/8” below the beam, the hydraulic gantry may be the best tool for that particular project.

The runway track, referenced above, pairs with the Power Drive system installed on the base to perform multiple functions. Each track measures in at 6-3/8” high, 28” from side to side and has a standard length of 10’. As was mentioned, leveling out the entire length of track aids in ensuring a plumb and level lift through the duration of the move. Another benefit of placing track is that it allows for the downward forces to be spread across a larger area. On some jobs, that extra dispersion can be what saves the floor from taking damage, allowing the move to proceed. Lastly, the additional 6” of height may also be of benefit on taller loads.

When headroom is a concern, custom 10-ton lifting links are paired with Crosby® G-2130 (or equivalent) 1-1/4” nominal diameter shackles. These lifting links provide a low-headroom option to attach directly to a load when necessary, eliminating the need for beam clamps. They can also be used to assist in hoisting the beam to the top of the legs.

4-Point System

One other benefit to using a hydraulic gantry is the ability to increase the capacity even further. In creating a 4-point system, the MiniJacks can take on up to 40 tons, provided the load weight is centered. With the center of gravity encapsulated, each leg can carry up to 10-tons, allowing for a greater range of applications.



For any questions regarding how to use or troubleshoot Hydraulic Gantries or any other lifting, rigging, pulling or jacking equipment, please reach out to your local representative or give us a call at 800-878-7305 to speak with one of our rental specialists.

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