Tools You May Not Know We Rent: Reid Porta Gantry


In our last installment, we discussed the tri-link, so in continuing this series, we will cover one of our newer additions to our rental fleet – the REID Lifting Porta Gantry. While nearly everyone is familiar with the traditional gantry style, REID Lifting created two new entries into the market that shifted what was possible while also increasing the previous maximum available capacity.  

Starting with the Porta Gantry Rapide, REID’s entry for a 1-ton aluminum gantry variant, what sets this model apart is its extreme portability. The Rapide system is a fully foldable, self-contained gantry set that maintains height-adjustability despite its small footprint. Unlike traditional aluminum gantries that require tools and multiple people to assemble, the 1T Rapide is designed to be easily assembled by one person, in around only one minute, without the need for additional tools. The compact nature of the Rapide system means that projects or areas that may have been inaccessible to a conventional gantry may no longer be with this model. Plus, this model features the ability to adjust the clear operating span by 2’, further increasing its value.  

Additionally, the Rapide gantry comes equipped with a gated trolley with a master link that can be attached to the beam quickly and easily using the included quick release pin. This style of trolley enables the trolley to be locked in place if needed. Weighing in at only 132 pounds (for model US-PGR1TM30 stocked in our fleet), the Rapide not only occupies a far smaller footprint than conventional gantries but also comes in at a fraction of the total weight. 

The other REID offering added to our fleet is the 5-ton aluminum Porta Gantry. Generally speaking, once your load reaches beyond 3-tons, steel gantries have been the go-to option – and for a long time, the only option available – but REID has changed the game, providing the ability to lift loads up to 5-tons, while maintaining the considerably lighter weight of an aluminum frame. Comparing apples-to-oranges, the REID 5-ton gantry weighs in at only 659 pounds with a 15’ beam, while an equivalent 5-ton steel gantry with a 15’ beam comes in at 1,430 pounds. That is a considerable difference when it comes time to assemble and transport the unit around on the job site.  

While both of these options are rated for man-riding from the manufacturer – albeit with the capacity reduced to half of the regularly rated total (1,100 pounds on the Rapide and 5,500 pounds on the 5-ton Porta Gantry) – LGH does not supply engineering or expertise to offer recommendations with these very specialized type applications. 

While the concept of aluminum gantries is well understood, these new options in our fleet can help you get into projects you may have never been able to before. Consider looking into renting one of these for your next project and see for yourself the difference such an innovative product line can have in making your set up more efficient. 

For any questions regarding Porta Gantries or any other lifting, rigging, pulling or jacking equipment, please reach out to your local representative or give us a call at 800-878-7305 to speak with one of our rental specialists.  


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