A Guide To Standard Web Sling Types

There’s a variety of web sling types and it’s not always clear which one you’re going to need for your upcoming project. Here’s a simple guide that’ll help determine which type will help ensure a successful endeavor.

Hardware Slings

Unlink and Web Trap – Hardware can help to extend sling life by protecting the webbing from abrasion on rough crane hooks. Hardware can often be reused, lowering sling replacement costs. 

Type U (UU) – Has the preferred and economical Unilink fitting on each end for use in a vertical, chocker or basket hitch. Unilinks allow choking from either end to save tim e and vary wear points.

Type 1 (TC) – Has a Web-Trap triangle and a choker fitting on either end. Typical use is in a choker hitch. Can also be used in vertical and basket hitches.

Type 2 (TT) – Has a Web-Trap triangle on each end. Normally used in a basket hitch, but can also be used in a vertical hitch. They cannot be used as a choker.

Eye Type

Type 3 (EE) – Flat eye slings are very popular and can be used in all three types of hitches. They are easier to remove from beneath the load than sling types 1, 2, and 4. Unless type 4 is requested, type 3 will be supplied as the standard EE sling.

Type 4 (EE) – Twisted Eye slings are similar to Type 3 except the eyes are turned 90 degrees to form a better choker hitch. The eyes of a Type 4 nest better on the crane hook.

Endless Type

Type 5 (EN) – Endless slings are versatile and the m ost economically priced. They can be used in all three types of hitches. The sling can be rotated to minimize wear. The sling legs can be spread for improved load balance

Reverse Eye Type

Type 6 (RE) – An endless sling with butted edges sewn together to double the sling width. They have reinforced eyes and wear pads on both sides of body and eyes. The result is an extremely strong and durable sling.

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